December 2021

As we transition from one year to the next, we’ve been reflecting on how our driving habits have changed.

Prior to the Pandemic, for the majority of the working population a typical Monday to Friday would have involved getting in our cars and driving to work. That may have been to the train station, to other corners of Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire, or perhaps further afield for meetings, conferences, or site visits.

But as more of us have begun and continued working from home, our cars have been spending more time on driveways than they have on the roads. This has fundamentally changed our driving habits, and even the number of cars we have required as a household.

This may change again as we move into 2022 and things eventually start to settle down, but now is a good time to look at all our car-related habits. Here are 5 of our top suggestions for consideration on your New Year resolutions list:

1. Set up a Service Plan

Although not a legal requirement, keeping on top of your car’s annual Servicing is not only good for safety and performance it’s also good for your pocket. When you come to part exchange or sell your car it will retain more of its value if it comes with a full-service history.

One of the easiest ways to save even more money and take away the sting of ‘service month’ is to set up a Service Plan. These are becoming increasingly popular, as you spread the cost of the annual service across the year, enjoy a few advantages such as discounts and have peace of mind that it’s being taken care of.

Unlike many other New Year resolutions that require you to do something on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, setting up a Service Plan is a onetime action. Once you’ve done it, you can sit back smugly knowing that you’re already grabbing the year by the horns!

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2. Annual Vehicle Health Check

Your MOT will give you a snapshot of how your car’s maintenance and safety is doing but consider booking in for an additional annual VHC approximately 6 months out. This a free service we provide at Thame Cars for all our customers and involves a check of all the main components of your vehicle, by one of our qualified technicians.

If your car is less than 3 years old and doesn’t yet require an annual MOT this VHC can give you early indication of any issues that may be arising.

Vehicle Health Check Explained

3. Maintenance Checks

There are a number of simple maintenance checks you can do yourself that will help keep your car running smoothly and safely. Our blog below outlines the main checks, and they broadly fit into categories of tyres, fluids, and lights.

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If your approach to doing these checks is currently a bit ad hoc, consider scheduling them in on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. Don’t wait until your dashboard warning light comes on before checking your oil levels or pumping up your tyres, nip problems in the bud before they flourish into costly issues.

4. Keep your eye on your vehicle's value

This year has seen the price of second hand cars increase at an unprecedented rate and it’s possible that the value of your vehicle is more than you think. If you’re considering exchanging it for a newer model at some point in 2022, get into the habit of regularly checking the value using our handy Value My Vehicle online checker.

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5. Car cleaning

If you don’t already have a regular schedule for cleaning your car, this could be your perfect New Year’s resolution! Whether it’s a trip to one of the many excellent hand wash facilities in the area, availing of the Thame Cars car wash or doing it yourself, regularly cleaning your car improves the aesthetics and also reduces chances of damage from corrosion.

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It’s been a difficult year for many of us and from all of us at Thame Cars we hope that you’re safe, well, and have the best possible start to the new year!