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Why use Thame Cars?


At Thame Cars, we’ve been redefining what it means to rent a vehicle online. We have an extensive range of cars and vans, and our aim to ensure our customers have access to them at all times, making it very simple, straight-forward and convenient. Over the decades, we’ve become very proud of our track record, making sure people in Thame, Aylesbury and High Wycombe are able to enjoy a high-quality service year in year out. Because whether you’re running a business, raising a family or simply enjoying your retirement, renting a car or van shouldn’t be a big deal, and, with that in mind, it’s our aim to make the experience easy and positive
We’re committed to providing a variety of vehicles to suit everyone, no matter what it is you’re looking for. So, should you want to rent from a small car to a big van, we’ve got you covered. You’ll be able to choose from a series of models, with  fully comprehensive insurance coverage, accident and breakdown recovery from anywhere in the UK, as well as unlimited mileage included in the price.

Visiting Thame Cars


In our many years of experience we have found that people want to feel they can access a service that’s easy, reliable and safe to use. Consequently, our main aim has become to deliver peace of mind for all our customers. The way we see it, there’s really no reason the rental process shouldn’t be easy and enjoyable, getting you out on the road in as short a time as possible. At Thame Cars, we’re very proud of the fact our loyal and hard-working team of experts are with us. They’re on hand six days a week to make sure you’re getting the high-end service you deserve, come what may. To us, it’s about facilitating our local community, and making sure we’re fully catering to all your vehicle needs, big or small. 

Our Car and Van Hire has been specifically designed to implement a truly exceptional service, putting our customer’s front and centre each and every time. We’ve spent the last 20 years supplying short and long term hire to the Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire area. Thanks to the feedback from our returning customer base, we’ve been able to keep honing the service we provide, all part of our ongoing attempt to become the very best at what we do.

The quality of the vehicles we provide, like our service, is unparalleled.
Our expert rental team is always ready to make sure you’re looked after every step of the way. We’re confident you’ll appreciate a range of services designed to make it incredibly simple and convenient. We can even store your current vehicle for you, giving it a through clean while you use one of our hire cars or vans. Bookings can be made online, or you can call us on 01844 390565. One of our team will be happy to discuss exactly what it is you’re after and guide you through the process. 

When booking with us we do require a £100 deposit which is, of course, refunded immediately after the vehicle is returned in a satisfactory condition. We also ask that the fuel level is the same as when hired, and we have a no smoking/no pet’s policy that we’d ask you to adhere to. But really that’s it. 

Our Customers


For a long time now, we’ve been listening to our customers, all in an effort to make sure our service is as fast and efficient as we’d want it to be if we were renting a vehicle ourselves. What we’ve found is that people hope to enjoy an effective, transparent exchange, safe in the knowledge there won’t be any surprise fees along the way. Crucially, though, we also offer that point-of-contact you can trust to look after your interests. Our team is dedicated to making sure the whole experience is tailored around you. 

We like to think this is what sets us apart and keeps our customer base on the road no matter what. This is reflected by the excellent reviews we receive on TrustPilot. Our main goal is to make our customers happy, and that is what we do, day in and day out.

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Please note, we require a £100.00 deposit to secure your booking. This is refundable after the vehicle inspection on return; subject to the vehicle being returned to us in a satisfactory condition, the fuel level returned the same as when hired. Please note, we have a no smoking and no pet policy in any of our hire vehicles

Car Hire

Small Car Prices

1 day - £38.99

2 days - £77.98

3 days - £104.98

4 days - £139.67

5 days - £159.96

6 days - £191.95

7 days - £199.97

Medium Car Prices

1 day - £52.99

2 days - £105.98

3 days - £140.98

4 days - £187.97

5 days - £209.94

6 days - £251.93

7 days - £272.92

Large Car Prices

1 day - £59.99

2 days - £119.98

3 days - £179.96

4 days - £239.95

5 days - £299.94

6 days - £359.93

7 days - £419.92

Van Hire

Small Van Prices

1 day - £62.99

2 days - £125.98

3 days - £187.49

4 days - £212.99

5 days - £241.00

6 days - £279.97

7 days - £299.99

Medium Van Prices

1 day - £83.00

2 days - £165.00

3 days - £223.00

4 days - £267.99

5 days - £278.98

6 days - £360.99

7 days - £384.97

Large Van Prices

1 day - £99.98

2 days - £199.97

3 days - £274.94

4 days - £339.98

5 days - £389.94

6 days - 419.94

7 days - £449.99