Have you been Bairstowed?

You don’t have to be a cricket fanatic to have felt some of the gusts kicked up by the storm of controversy in the Test match a couple of weekends ago.

In a nutshell, English batsman Jonny Bairstow assumed the over had ended and walked away from his crease. He was given out when the Australian wicket keeper hit the stumps, which was technically within the letter of the law, though perhaps not the spirit.

In sport there are meant to be winners and losers and in high stakes situations like the 5th day of a Test match, sportsmanship and spirit can be stretched to the limit.

But we see the same thing in our daily lives dealing with businesses when buying goods, especially where there are contracts or implied contracts involved. We all know that we should read the small print, but in most situations there’s an element of trust that we’re not going to be taken advantage of.

Maybe you’ve been in that situation before.

When things do go wrong and the retailer you’re dealing with points out the technicality that you’ve infringed, I’m sure it left a sour taste in your mouth.

Of course, the retailer is quite within their rights to enforce the contract, but if it wasn’t clear then it likely damages your trust.

We’ve always felt very strongly about this sort of thing at Thame Cars and we live and breathe our 3 core values of Safe, Simple and Easy.

Doing business with us should feel safe, so you know we’re going to take care before, during and after you buy or hire from us.

It should be simple, so everything is explained in a clear manner with minimal jargon so that you actually understand it.

And it should be easy, so you have the information you need at the point that you need it.

We know that some of our customers may just be passing through or it could be a true one off. But most of our customers come back to us time and again over a period of many years.

The ‘spirit of business’ is important to us because ultimately we want to build relationships, not just transactions.

In sport for one side to win it means that the other side needs to lose. But in business it doesn’t have to be like that and at Thame Cars we’ve always looked for the win-win.

Nick Allen


Thame Cars