Contactless Car Wash In Thame

Cleaning our cars in the Winter can be a bit soul destroying don’t you think? You slave away to get your pride and joy looking all shiny and new, then with the first trip out to the shops it’s back to being covered with a thick layer of grime, salt spray and mud from the roads.

Left unchecked this can quickly start to damage the paintwork and encourage local scallywags to create interesting artwork on your doors.

If the romantic image of a long lazy Sunday afternoon meticulously removing every bit of dirt doesn’t fill you with joy, then fear not, at Thame Cars we have the solution!

Our contactless car wash has been a huge hit these last few weeks as it takes all the stress and hassle out of the wash.

contactless car wash thame cars

Located right out the front of our showroom on Rycote Lane in Thame, you simply drive up to the wash, tap your payment card on the reader and roll forwards ready for your wash.

A top notch body and wheel wash is only £8, but for just a couple of quid more you’ll get the works, including a full wax and dry.

There’s no need to book, so you can just pop in if you’re passing or use it as an excuse to get yourself out of the house for half an hour for a change of scenery.

Why not make a family event of it - pack the kids in the back seats and pretend you’re going on an undersea adventure.

What has the world come to that a trip to a car wash counts as an exciting trip out!

Unfortunately our wash isn’t suitable for pick up trucks, large spoilers or roof racks.

If you need any assistance when you arrive one of our staff will happily come out to help you, from an appropriate social distance of course!

Here’s to a cleaner driving experience for the Spring.

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