March 2020

How to keep your car sanitised

Usually around this time of year we would be thinking about where to go for the Easter Break. Trips to Waddesdon for the Easter Trail, or lambing at Moreton feel like a different lifetime right now.

But as we settle into our new joint reality as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, at Thame Cars we have been thinking about how we can still be of service to you through our regular blogs and emails.

One thing that is hot on everybody’s minds right now is hand washing. 20 seconds of washing with soap is the advice we have been given as this is sufficient to break down the fatty acids on the surface of the skin that the virus needs to survive.

There is an excellent article on The Guardian website that explains all of this, and why soap is generally better than alcohol-based hand sanitiser.

Although we’re all using our cars a lot less at the moment, there are still times where we are hopping in and out of them to dodge Pac-Man style around the supermarket aisles or other essential travel.

There is potential risk of transferring the virus onto the surfaces of your car. Washing your hands properly is of course essential, but then re-introducing it to your hands when you touch them again.

The good news is that it’s easy to keep your car sanitised. We have identified a list of the high-touch areas that need sanitising. All it needs is a wipe over with an alcohol-based sanitiser or wipe, but the key is to be thorough. Here's a video showing you how its done:

To protect our customers against COVID-19 we sanitise every vehicle brought arriving and leaving Thame Cars. There has never been a more important time to keep your car clean!

Although our Car Sales Department is temporarily shut down, you can still purchase a vehicle online and we can deliver it to you.

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However, our Service, MOT and Repairs center is open. For limited human contact we can pick up your vehicle from you and deliver it back to you once it is ready, including a FREE Wash, Hoover and Sanatisation.

If you would like to learn more about our COVID-19 procedures click here.