Simplifying the Car Buying Experience

It’s a standing joke among my friends and family that I know next to nothing about computers.

When people start talking about the RAM and speed of their shiny new laptops my eyes glaze over and my head starts spinning.

Of course I know how to operate a computer - the situation isn’t that desperate - but to me it’s a means to an end and as long as I can send emails and get onto the Internet I’m perfectly happy!

So a few months ago when my laptop suddenly died it sent a shiver of dread down my spine.

Not at the prospect of getting behind on my emails and reports, but the thought of having to figure out what was going to be the best replacement.

I hate the thought of going into a shop and being exposed as a tech dunce.

I remember the feeling of being totally out of my depth the last time I had to buy my daughter a laptop for school.

Being asked questions I should know the answers to, and feeling like a fool in front of the ‘experts’ (who would presumably then have a good laugh about my lack of expertise once I had left the shop in humiliation!)

I know that’s probably a bit of an exaggeration, but buying a new computer isn’t up there on my list of fun things to do.

Fortunately a friend of mine recommended somebody who could advise me, and although I still had a bit of trepidation I made an appointment and went along.

And guess what?

My experience was nothing like what I had anticipated!

My new best friend was friendly, listened to me carefully as I fumbled my way through explaining what I needed, and then helped me find a few options he thought would work for me.

No jargon, no complicated comparisons, just simple and clear explanations that made sense.

The result was that I left with two things: 1) my laptop problem solved and 2) a refreshingly positive experience.

As I drove home it made me think about how similar my experience had been to what we strive to do here at Thame Cars.

We’re all really passionate about cars and could talk about them until the cows come home, but we’re more passionate about people, and in particular serving our customers in a way that’s simple, safe and easy.

In fact those 3 words - simple, safe and easy - are at the very foundation of what we do so it’s no surprise that I noticed the similarities with my computer buying experience.

We know that most of our customers just want their car problem solved, and they come to us because they know they can be confident they’re going to be listened to by somebody who’s committed to understanding them.

My experience of buying a new laptop reminded me that we’re not just about selling cars, we're about the experience of selling cars.

So if you’re thinking about your next car, or if you need service, MOT or hire advice, let us remove the jargon, make things as safe, simple and easy for you, and help you feel good about your purchase.

Get in touch directly or check out our website for more information about how we work.

Nick Allen

Sales Director