October 2020

Safe driving habits

We all know the importance of driving safety and most of us feel a bit uneasy when we see other motorists driving dangerously.
But what about some of the simpler habits we can adopt that make us safer drivers?

Here are some simple habits that could make you a safer driver.

Don’t flash… dip!

It’s tempting to flash your lights at other motorists to let them know that they’ve forgotten to switch on their lights, but this can dazzle drivers and potentially cause an accident.
Instead of flashing, briefly switch your own lights off and then straight back on again. This is usually enough to nudge the other driver to check whether their own lights are on.

car lights flash

Use the Dutch Open

When you’re getting out of your car parked parallel to traffic, use your opposite hand to reach across and open the door. This simple manoeuvre causes your body to twist in the seat and allows you to check behind you in case of any cyclists approaching.

Make sure you set your phone up before you leave, with navigation and / or playlists ready to go so you have no need to handle your device. Set the phone to silent or ‘do not disturb’ so you’re not distracted by incoming messages or calls.

Dutch open

​Feet off the dash!

It may be comfortable for your passenger to place their feet on the dashboard, but should the airbag go off following an accident it will be less so. Airbags are deployed at incredible speed, and even if the collision is minor, they can inflict grave damage to resting legs.

Hopefully it goes without saying that drivers should keep their feet off the dashboard!

feet off dashboard

​Take 5

Many accidents are caused by motorists rushing or running late and taking more risks with their driving. Get into the habit of leaving a few minutes earlier so you feel less rushed, less stressed, and arrive at your destination on time.

​Check your mirrors

We all know we should do this, but in the heat of the moment it is often forgotten about. Here are two scenarios where your mirrors are your best friend.

  1. If you need to suddenly slow down, by quickly glancing in your rear-view mirror you can gauge how hard to brake to prevent the vehicle behind you from crashing into you.
  2. When joining a roundabout is important to check for cyclists who are travelling straight when you turn left and being aware of which way other vehicles are going to avoid a collision especially on large roundabouts.
check your mirrors while driving

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