May 2020

Coronavirus: The new rules for drivers

If you’ve been out and about I’m sure you’ll have noticed the increased volume of traffic on the roads, and you’d be forgiven for thinking that we’re rapidly motoring our way back to normality. Sadly that is still a way off, and although there is a bit more freedom of movement now there is also a lot more confusion. What are we allowed to use our cars for? How far can we travel? Is the holiday back on?

Let’s take a look at some of the biggest questions on the lips of local drivers.

What am I allowed to use my car for now?

The advice has shifted from ‘stay at home’ to ‘stay alert’. This means that we should still be observing social distancing protocols, but we can now return to work if necessary. If your commute requires a drive, you have the green light.

You can also drive to a place of exercise, instead of being restricted to your local area. Clearly driving to the Lake District for a hike isn’t in the spirit of this advice, but you could now head over to a neighbouring village for a change of scenery.

Can I drive to visit family and friends?

We’re all allowed to meet one other person from outside of our household, in a public place. What this means is that although you still can’t drive round to a relative’s house and pop in for a cup of tea, you could meet in the park for a walk. Just as long as you keep 2 meters apart.

Can I drive further afield and stay a night in a hotel?

Sadly not just yet. Overnight stays are still not permitted in the UK, which puts a bit of a limit on how far you can travel, as you have to get back again the same day.

I haven’t used my car in a while – do I need to do anything to prepare it for use?

We wrote an article on this subject last week and you can find it here. In short, there are a few checks you can make that will ensure your car is fit for purpose and safe to drive.

Taking your car our for the first time in a while?

Can other people use my car?

You still shouldn’t have people from outside your household in your car. It’s important that we continue to observe the 2meter social distancing protocol, which means having a passenger isn’t allowed.

Is it safer for me to use my car rather than public transport?

Yes, The government recommends that you walk, cycle or drive to work rather than using public transport or taxis. It is difficult to social distance in taxis and public transport.

If you should use public transport be aware of your surroundings, keep the time you spend around others as short as possible, face away from other people, and avoid touching interior and exterior surfaces. Don't forget to wash your hands as soon as possible after the journey.

Over the coming weeks we’re likely to see more of these restrictions being lifted, so it’s an ongoing and fluid situation. Keep an eye on the news channels and official announcements to take your lead on what is and what isn’t allowed.

If you have not used your car in a while and would like to make sure that it is safe, contact us 01844 390564 and we can book you in for a Vehicle Health Check.

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