August 2020

Ford Fiesta Review

The best things come in small packages, like the award-winning hot hatch Ford Fiesta. The Fiesta’s are one of the most popular hatchbacks and best-selling car in the UK for 20 years. With consistent upgrades in its technology, efficiency, and safety, it is fun to drive and well equipped. Its competitors include the Seat Ibiza, Volkswagen Polo, Vauxhall Corsa, Dacia Sendero and Renault Clio.

Trim Levels

The Fiesta offers different trim levels depending on what you are looking for, choose from either a sporty Zetec, a luxurious Titanium, or a fast ST-Line. All these trim levels are 5-star NCAP rated and fall under category E insurance group.

NCAP rating is an adult occupant protection and child occupant protection rating, decided through various crash tests, rating from 1 as the lowest and 5 as the safest. Additionally, insurance group E means that the security requirements are exceeded for its category of car. So, the Fiesta’s are highly rated in terms of safety and security.


Developments in its sophisticated technology has given the Fiesta an upper hand from its competitors. Packed with features including electric power steering, trip computer to record and display information such as distance traveled, average speed and average fuel consumption, automatic headlights, quick clear heated windscreen and more.

Some of Ford’s developments are its ‘Ford Power’ key-less start button, easy fuel assist designed to only fit the correct fuel nozzle making it almost impossible to put the wrong fuel in the car, SYNC emergency assistance which is an automatic emergency services call system if the car is in a serious collision, and of course its seamless Bluetooth features such as Ford Pass connectivity and navigation system.

If you are using your phone for satellite navigation and entertainment, we recommend the Ford Fiesta Titanium, otherwise it is an optional extra for the other specs. Therefore, giving you better value.

Drive & Comfort

The Fiesta is a perfect for narrow urban streets and the tight multiple level car parks. It combines small-car drive fun with big-car sophistication. Having great suspension which soaks up the bumps for a smooth drive, and firmer suspension on the ST-line models with more feel on the road bumps. Overall, the ride is very well controlled with sharp steering and high grip. ​

Apart from in the ST-Line, the seats are the same on all other trim levels. It is designed to give the most comfort and support. We are particularly impressed with the Turbocharged EcoBoost engine’s minimal wind, engine, and road noise, especially on motorways.


The Fiesta has plenty of head room for the driver and front passenger, adding the optional glass sunroof is not advised if you are particularly tall. There is good leg room and enough elbow space for both the driver and passenger. The rear seat space is like the Volkswagen Polo but not at small as the Seat Ibiza. Seating three adults would be a bit of a squeeze. The boot size is reasonable fitting 292-litres worth of stuff, this can be extended to 1,093 with the rear seats down. 

The Ford Fiesta over is a class leading drive with snazzy interior. For more specific information on efficiency and more browse our current selection of Ford Fiesta’s online >