Trust us to be your guide through your car ownership.

We love a bit of Star Wars in the Allen house and I found myself watching Episode 4 A New Hope for the umpteenth time a few weeks ago.
It’s such a classic, with so many deep messages and metaphors threaded throughout the adventure and action.
The theme of heroes and villains in a story is as old as the hills and is true in real life as well as fiction.
In the early days of Thame Cars marketing and business experts would tell us that we should position ourselves as the hero, wielding our weapons of simple, safe and easy, coming to the aid of our customers as they battle to confidently make the best decisions.
But this never felt quite right and eventually we realised that it was completely the wrong way around.
If you think about Star Wars for a minute, or almost any other Disney movie or children’s story, there’s a familiar structure to all of them.
At first we have the status quo, followed by a problem that causes the hero to go on a journey - usually reluctantly.
Along their journey they meet a guide which helps them overcome challenges, growing in courage and resourcefulness.
With this power they defeat the villain, and then return to their family where they share the good fortune and everyone’s life is better.
It’s called ‘The Hero’s Journey’ and what was abundantly clear to us was that it’s not us (Thame Cars) who is the hero… it’s you.
The part that we at Thame Cars have to play is the guide, the weird short guy with the pointy ears… you get the picture.
Whether it’s buying a car, hiring a vehicle, an MOT, service or new tyres, each of our customers starts off with a peaceful status quo, encounters some kind of challenge or a need to make a change and then goes off on a journey.
That journey may not be as exciting as Luke Skywalker’s, or the Karate Kid’s or Ariel’s. In fact it may simply entail a quick flick through a few websites, but it still culminates in a resolution that means our customers can return triumphantly to their family, their problem proudly solved and their lives better.
You’re the hero, and it’s an honour to guide you through your car ownership journey.

Nick Allen
Sales Director