May 2020

Buying a used car online during the outbreak

At Thame Cars we’ve always considered ourselves to be an innovative and agile business. We pride ourselves on our commitment to always looking for ways to provide a safer, simpler and more convenient service. Never has our grounding in innovation and agility been more heavily leaned upon than through these challenging times.

They say that tough times don’t last, but tough people do. The same can be said about business. I am confident that we’ll come out the other side of this, and when we do it won’t just be business as usual, it’ll be business as exceptional.

What we’re learning and how we’re adapting will become a core part of how we operate long into the future.

One of the innovations we are most proud of is our brand new online car buying system. Although it's been possible to purchase a car online for a while now through sites such as Cazoo, it has always felt a little too impersonal to fit within the Thame Cars offerings.

Given the restrictions to movement that are currently in place, we have gone back to our drawing board and designed an end to end system that we believe brings the best balance between convenience and personal service.

Visit our website and you’ll see the ‘Buy Online’ button at the top. This allows you to browse our stock of nearly new, showroom condition cars from the comfort and safety of your home, before deciding which meet your needs.

If you need guidance or help with coming up with a shortlist, our sales advisors are on hand over the webchat or by calling us directly.

Once you have decided on a car that you think meets your needs you can either secure it with a £99 deposit, apply for finance receiving an instant response from our finance partners Black Horse (Lloyds Bank) or, purchase the vehicle in full. If you have a car to part exchange, you can simply input the details to include your Vehicle Valuation to your purchase.

When you’re happy that the car meets your needs, we will arrange a convenient time for a viewing. We will fully sanitise it for you before you arrive to take it for an unaccompanied test drive. Once you have made your final decision and completed the paperwork the car is yours!

These are challenging times for many people, but we know that cars are still being bought and sold and want to make sure that our customers aren’t missing out.

We believe that our end to end service truly does encapsulate our values of safe, simple and convenient.

If you’d like to find out more check out the Buy Online section of the website or give us a call on 01844399353 and we’d be happy to speak to you about the options.