March 2021

Our Car and Van Rental is popular with customers who need to do a tip run, especially in the spring for garden waste.

It is important to be aware of the rules around household waste, otherwise you will be taking a long detour to get to the correct tip based on your post code.

For example: if you live in an OX post code and hire a van from our Hire centre on Rycote Lane. After loading it up with junk, you would then then drive it over to the tip at Oakley Wood.

Not Aylesbury Household Recycling – even though it’s a lot closer.

The reason for this is that if you are to take Oxfordshire waste to Aylesbury Household Recycling centre, you are at risk of being stopped by the yellow-jacketed chap on the gate to be told that you are not allowed to dump waste in a Buckinghamshire tip.

Which would result in driving all the way back over to Oakley Wood - a very long round trip.

Also don't forget, not every recycling centre would allow you to bring your recycling in a van, this would fall under commercial waste recycling.

Click here to find out more about which recycling centre is closest to you.

If you’re having a bit of a clear out with a tip run at the end of it, drop us a line to find out about hiring a small van for the job.

Just make sure that Oxfordshire waste goes to Oakley Wood and Bucks rubbish goes to Aylesbury Household Recycling or you may find yourself missing your tea.

P.S. Worth pointing out that if you visit a Bucks tip in your private car you won't get asked where you've come from.

It's only because you have to show your rental agreement and proof of address when you roll up to a tip in a commercial vehicle that you're at the mercy of the yellow jackets!

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