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Ford S-Max Review

The Ford S-Max’s main selling points are its affordability, space and safety. It also boasts excellent suspension, and a host of added extras, from sat nav, voice control and Bluetooth, making it the quintessential family car.’

An excellent drive - it feels like a super-sized Focus, so the ride is comfortably firm. Both rows of seats fold flat into the floor while the middle row reclines and moves back and forth on a set of runners to increase legroom. Find a model in our current Ford stock list

The S-Max comes in several different engine sizes, models and with various options:

Engine Models ​
​2.0 TDCI & 2.2 TDCI Zetec,Titanium, Titanium XSport ​
​Manual or Automatic ​5DR
Ford S-Max

If you think the Ford S-Max could be the car for you find a model in our current stock list and arrange a test drive.