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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is buying a used car better than buying a new one?

One of the most obvious reasons to buy used is the cost involved – used cars are, on average, 50% cheaper than new cars. Finance options will also be much more convenient, with shorter terms and lower payments. Buying a car that was registered before April 2017 can also help you save quite a bit of money on road tax.

Q: Which used car should I buy?

Before deciding which car to commit to, you should first figure out what your requirements are, as well as the running costs you would be willing to pay. If you live in an urban area or are concerned about your economy, it might be best to go for a city car, such as the Fiat 500. If you are looking for something imposing and powerful, you might try considering buying an SUV, such as the Nissan Qashqai.

Q: Can you lease used cars?

At the moment, we do not offer leasing options for used cars, but you can opt for our other great solutions, such as a Personal Contract Plan or Hire Purchase

Q: Are used cars reliable?

Oftentimes it is not possible to receive a detailed history of your car – this is not the case at Thame Cars. Each one of our used cars comes with thorough information, is under 25,000 miles, visually looked after and screened through a 100-point safety check before being sold, so you can be sure that our cars are as reliable as they come.

Q: Where can I buy used cars?

Used cars are most commonly sold directly by their owners, though this poses risks for the buyer, as a detailed servicing history is not always provided, and you can never know how well it has been looked after. Buying from a dealer ensures that you also get finance options in addition to all the information you need before deciding.

Q: Are used cars cheaper to insure?

Generally, yes, although make and model have a bigger impact on insurance costs than age. Cars that fall into insurance groups 1 or 2 provide the cheapest fee – one such popular choice that we have in stock is the Vauxhall Corsa.

Q: Are used cars taxed?

Used cars are taxed according to where you buy them from and when they were registered. Buying a car with a registration certificate (V5C) from a dealer ensures that switching to a used car will be hassle-free and that you get all the help you need with the process.

Q: How are used cars priced?

Used cars are priced according to their specifications, age and condition. At Thames, all our cars enjoy low prices and great quality – each one is carefully inspected and under 25,000 miles.

Q: Are used cars safe?

A used car’s safety level always depends on how carefully it has been looked after and what features it is fitted with, such as Electronic Stability Control and Autonomous Emergency Braking. To ensure your peace of mind, we inspect and run 100-point safety checks on each of our cars to ensure that no unpleasant surprises will come your way.