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About Us 

The Thame Cars Experience

The Vision

We’re in the car business. But primarily we’re in the people business.

If we summed up in one word what we’re all about it's CARE. If we summed it up in two, we’re about CARE and SURETY.

We’re not the same as everyone else. We like being different.

We think about other people – what makes things good for them?

We’re mindful and then we get into action.

Our actions are all about taking care of people's needs, their worries and good outcomes being delivered daily.

The way we provide this is through surety. We give surety by being transparent, explaining to people what happens but then making sure it absolutely becomes a reality.

Your experience with us will be simple and on time. It'll be in businesslike, purposeful and in comfortable surroundings.

Cars are dirty quickly once they are in use – we are clean, because that's what people like.

You'll enjoy a fresh environment, fresh people that are purposeful in their work and are selected because they do this with a smile, have the energy and because they care.

Our products are thorough (no half doing the job). We don't do cars with one key or a service without a VHC...

We think about people going about their daily lives and shape our products to be convenient. Our mission is to look after people so they can get on with the other important things they have going on.

We want to be in the background of their thoughts but instantly right at the front, when their next need arises.

We are here for the longest time and it’s good service to allow our customers to choose when they need us, trust us to advise correctly, we’re thinking of their total needs rather than our short term needs.

Many of our customers we see as friends.

We look forward to making friends with you soon.


We are proud members of BNI