At Thame Cars have a growing fleet of electric cars, currently we have two Vauxhall Corsa-E’s, with an approximate range of 200 miles and rapid charging capability. We have a wealth of knowledge and advice when it comes to hiring an EV, whether it’s for running around town, driving to a low emission zone or simply test driving an EV before purchasing one, we are confident we can help.

All of our EV hire cars with 2 chargers, a public use charger, and a home 3 pin plug charger, so wherever you are, you can be confident you’ll be able to charge the vehicle. Our best advice to anyone hiring an electric car is to charge at every opportunity, so you can be confident you always have a full charge

We do advise carefully thinking about the use of the car to make sure it’s right for your needs. Long journeys will need stops on the way, so careful planning is essential, thinking about where you stop to charge and ensuring the location has rapid charging facilities so you’re not waiting too long. The best way to plan is using the Zap-Map app, you can view charging locations, whether the charger is available or not and who owns the charger so you can find out about the payment methods. Some chargers require the companies app, some simply accept contactless payment, and if you’re lucky there are some free ones! Rapid chargers tend to charge 80% in around 30 minutes, the perfect break at a motorway services.

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