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Wheel Alignment and Tracking

​Poorly aligned wheels and bad tracking can cause many problems with your car such as an increase in fuel consumption, uneven tyre wear, and poor road handling. This is why its important to make sure everything is in ship shape.

Wheel Alignment Service

At Thame Cars we have invested in the latest state of the art Hunter wheel alignment system. Our wheel tracking service ensures that all 4 wheels on your vehicle are set to the correct direction (toe) and angle (camber) as specified by your vehicle’s manufacturer.

Wheel Alignment

Break down of tyre inspection
Tyre Inspection
Run through of tyre inspection

Professional, Comprehensive Service​

Our highly trained technicians will assess your car’s wheel tracking by using the latest laser equipment and software, checking 12 different adjustment angles with pinpoint accuracy​. Our wheel tracking service is suitable for any make and model of vehicle and includes an inspection of your suspension as worn parts can be the cause of alignment problem.

All of this can be done while you wait! 

There are no surprise costs, we will complete the initial assessment of your vehicle's wheel tracking for free. If any changes need to be made then we will agree with you the scope of work first so you can control the cost​.

Did You Know?

Small incidents such as hitting a curb or driving through a large pothole can result in your wheel’s alignment changing.

With this in mind we recommend that your vehicle’s wheel alignment is checked every 10,000 miles or once a year. Wheel alignment should also be checked when fitting new tyres and is part of our tyre fitting service along with wheel balancing.

If you are in any doubt over your cars alignment please give us a call and we will check it for you free of charge.

Book your vehicle in for a quick Free Wheel Tracking Check today, call the service team on 01844 390 560 .