July 2020

Mandatory MOTs restarting: Drivers are urged to book now

One of the measures the government put in place to help reduce contact and the spread of Coronavirus was to give an extension for MOTs. So if your car, van or motorcycle is due an MOT test between 30th March 2020 and 31st July 2020, you are entitled to a 6 month extension

This 6 month MOT Coronavirus extension will end on the 1st August 2020. Therefore, it’s predicted that in October when the first of the vehicles that have extended their date begin to come due, garages are going to be overwhelmed with work.

What this means is that by leaving your MOT to the Autumn there is a risk of not being able to get it booked at all or the next available slot is too late. According to research conducted by the RAC, 93% of garages are expecting demand to increase from October.

The worst case scenario is that you become unable to get your car booked for it’s MOT, invalidating your insurance, making it illegal to drive and so you will need to find an alternative way to travel.

At Thame Cars we are back to full capacity with our servicing and MOT department, and we encourage you to book your MOT when it is due, rather than take the full extension. Given that one in three cars usually fails it’s MOT, the extension is causing anxiety among motorists who are concerned that unroadworthy cars are being driven on the roads.

According to the BBC news, 4 in 10 drivers are concerned about the condition of other vehicles on the road (whilst only 2% felt there was an issue with their own car!)

If your MOT is due and you prefer not to risk running the gauntlet of trying to get an Autumn booking, simply Book Online today or give us a call on 01844399362.