Keeping your business vehicles roadworthy is, of course, crucial to your continued success, but are you sometimes hamstrung by your current garage taking too long to carry out the repairs? Perhaps you’ve been kept in the dark instead of receiving regular updates as to the progress being made? And is it also hard sometimes to get a straight answer about exactly how much work needs doing, and at what price?

If the answer to any of these problems is a resounding yes, then Thame Cars has developed a way of doing things that side-steps these and other issues. In short, when it comes to reliable cutting-edge business vehicle support, we just might be the solution you’ve been looking for.

Car and Van Sales: Helping you buy the right vehicle to suit your business

The importance of the right company car or van is something we take very seriously here at Thame Cars. In many cases, it's the difference between your business functioning properly or not, and the benefits of keeping yourself or your employees on the road really speak for themselves. Our guarantee is that, with us, you’ll have only the very best cars and vans to choose from.

We have over 25 years of experience making sure our customers end up with the right vehicle for them: one that is safe, reliable and great to look at. We carefully prepare every vehicle to an extremely high specification, before going on sale.

Our unique process:

  • We perform a 100 point safety check, after which each car is thoroughly serviced
  • It’s then given an extensive cosmetic make-over, so that when it’s finally unveiled in the showroom it’s in absolutely pristine working condition.

That, ultimately, is how we're able to produce a range of quality vehicle that are as good as new, each and every time, with no exceptions, ever.

Being there when you need us most

So, what if your car or van is off the road and you don't have a replacement? Not a problem. We’ll offer you a 50% discount on van or car hire and so you know how the repairs are going, we’ll call you twice daily with an update. Also, if you're within the Thame Triangle (Thame, Aylesbury and High Wycombe) then we've got some good news for you: free delivery in a ten-mile radius of either your vehicle or driver.

Another plus, when a service is required, we'll ensure your car or van is first into the workshop, because, simply put, our top priority is getting it back to you just as soon as possible. Just a few of the ways we’ll keep you moving come what may. We can also guarantee that our service plan means spreading the costs, making the repayments easy to manage, while our rates on parts and labour are among the best you'll find either locally or nationwide.

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Service that goes the extra mile

To us, it's simply about doing as much as we can to make things as stress-free as possible. For instance, we'll let you know when an MOT or Service is coming up, meaning you don't have to worry about keeping that date.

We provide:

  • Free health and safety checks.
  • Free laser wheel alignment checks, because we know better than anyone that worn tyres are an ongoing, yet avoidable, cost to business users.
  • We'll even throw in a free wash and vacuum, meaning you'll leave us even fresher than when you arrived.

What it's really about, though, is having that exclusive point of contact who knows you, knows your business and knows your vehicle. This means that, no matter what, you'll be kept in the loop and, perhaps most importantly, you'll always get a response when you need one. And should you or your employees have to spend any time on our premises, we've got free coffee and Wi-fi, meaning you can log on and, crucially, keep your business moving while we get on with doing what we do best.

Additionally, do you find you’re lacking flexibility when it comes to having your vehicle either picked up or delivered for a service? It's also true that getting a service done in the first place can easily slip your mind. After all, even the best of us are guilty of leaving things to the last minute sometimes. But, if your vehicle goes in late, it's all the more likely to need those extra repairs, and that can only mean more delay for you. Ultimately, all, or even just one of these problems, amounts to the kind of headache you could do without.

So, what can be done to prevent these everyday issues from arising in the first place? Well, at Thame Cars we've ushered in a new way of doing things specifically tailored to tackle any potential pitfalls long before they end up costing you and your business money.

A dealership designed for life

So, when it comes to that all important company car or van, Thame Cars not only has an extensive range of high-end vehicles to choose from, we also provide the very best in servicing and repairs. And if you're not looking to buy, don't worry. Our hire options areas dependable as our retail arm, and we have a long and proud history of making sure all of our rentals meet the same exacting standards as elsewhere.

When it comes to motoring, we've got the experience to help keep you on the road with a minimum of fuss. Furthermore, when it comes to finding and maintaining the right vehicle for you, we're here to help you reach your goals, whatever they may be.

We think you'll be impressed with our staff, all of whom are trained and ready to employ a wealth of knowledge whatever the situation. Our aim is really to ensure our customers feel they can trust us to help them run their business: a responsibility we never take lightly. This means we'll do all the heavy-lifting for you. Whether it's picking up your vehicle, driving you where you need to go, or providing the very best in car or van hire, we're on hand to provide the kind of practical advice that's going to save both time and money.