June 2021

With the warmer weather we’ve been enjoying you’ve no doubt been relying on your air conditioning to keep you cool when you’re driving.

But if you’ve noticed a strange musty old-sock smell, or it’s just not doing a very good job of cooling you down, you may need a bit of basic air con TLC.

“Air conditioning systems are made up mechanical moving parts, and to be maintained they need to be used regularly.”

Thame Car's Operations Manager Scott Price said.

“If you’ve not been using it for 6 months then chances are it’s not going to be working as effectively as it should be”.

When the thermometer rises, so too does the number of sweaty motorists calling Thame Cars to get their air con units fixed.

Some stuff is best left to the experts, but there are a couple of basic maintenance items that you can do yourself:

Use it or lose it

A bit late now if you’re having problems, but try and get into the habit of giving your air con a 5 minute blast at least once a week.

Use it to de-mist the windscreen in the Winter and the dry air will improve your visibility faster.


If you’re getting the old sock smell when you turn on your air, a simple application of air conditioning sanitizer could do the trick.

This Auto Glym productcan be very effective at giving your system a freshen up.

If these haven’t worked then it might be time to get your car booked in for one of our experts to take a look at it.

Here are the two main maintenance items we routinely carry out on air con units:

Change the filters

If your air con filters are clogged up then they won’t be allowing enough air through the system. Pollen, dust and other particles get trapped in the filter so they don’t make it inside the car, but when they build up air flow is reduced.

If your air con just doesn’t get cold enough, this can fix it instantly.


No air con unit is perfect. Although it’s a ‘closed system’, the gas used to cool the air in your car inevitably escapes over time which means you need to have it recharged.

Using it regularly can help with reducing the frequency with which this has to happen, but you’ll still need to have it re-gassed from time to time.

If you’re unsure whether your air con system needs a makeover, give Thame Cars a call today!