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Car Batteries and Exhausts

Car batteries

The Thame Cars team care about keeping your car in the best condition, so we can provide everything from a test of your current battery to the supply and fitting of a new one. Our competitive prices and friendly, experienced team have ensured we are the leading supplier of batteries across Thame, Oxford and the surrounding areas.

Our fully qualified mechanics are trained in all modern security systems, so can quickly and safely replace your battery in less than 30 minutes. We will also dispose of your old battery through an approved environmental protection scheme.

Exhaust systems

As MOT emissions tests become increasingly difficult to pass, it is essential that your exhaust is kept in great condition to prevent damage to the catalytic converter. The catalytic converter is designed to clean the emissions released by the car’s engine, so that the car releases a mixture of mainly carbon dioxide and water vapor. Any damage to this essential component will impact the environment and will also make it impossible to pass an MOT inspection. Most drivers notice quickly when there is an issue with the exhaust, whether it is a loud rattle or thick, billowing smoke.

Our team is fully trained in fitting all common exhaust brands to every make and model of car. We know how inconvenient it is to have your vehicle in the garage, so always aim to complete exhaust replacements within 24 hours.

Air conditioning

Most modern cars are fitted with an air-conditioning system, which is designed to last for the lifetime of the car with regular maintenance. Our experienced team is able to provide a complete air conditioning service including a re-gas and checks to all essential components. If our technicians locate any areas or damage, we can carry out a complete overhaul of the system to guarantee optimal performance and system longevity.

An air-conditioning re-gas is priced competitively at £75.00 and will provide you with a comfortable, clean environment. It is much cheaper to maintain your air conditioning system than it is to carry out a repair or replacement.

If you would like more information about our battery, exhaust and air conditioning services, contact us today on 01844 854173 or book a slot online.