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Part Exchange your Car

At Thame Cars we are often asked the question “will you take my car in part exchange?”

The good news is yes, we take in all types of vehicles in for part exchange even bikes and vans.

Here are some of our insider tips for helping you maximising your budget when you’re getting ready to part exchange your old car for a newer one.

Usually when you get a valuation of your car, there will be three different prices, these are usually just a guide.

  • Showroom condition
  • Average condition
  • Below Average condition.

There are several things you can do instantly to increase the value of your car, watch the short video below to find out what they are.

FAQ's about part exchanging your vehicle

How do you value my car?

While you are with us one of our team will appraise your car thoroughly with you so we can get the most accurate description of your vehicle. It is very important for us to do this as it allows us to get you the very best price for your car.
Once we have appraised it visually with you we will also take your car on test drive with you to ensure all is well when driving. Again this allows us to get the very best price for your vehicle.

Can I part exchange a car on finance?

If you have outstanding finance on your part exchange vehicle, we can help you to arrange a settlement with your existing finance provider, and look into your potential options for paying this off.

We then go to work on getting the very best price for your vehicle using our national network of trade buyer contacts.

Once you are happy and agreed on a price for your vehicle we then remove that value from the new car you select. Ensuring the V5, MOT and service documentation is provided and any additional finances are meet you can drive away in your new vehicle the same day.