Book Your Tyres Online

Ensuring you stay up to date with tyre maintenance isn’t just about fixing punctures. Tyres in good condition and with plenty of depth on the tread are essential for preserving optimum performance and fuel efficiency – and for ensuring you and other road users are safe.

At Thame Cars in Oxfordshire, we offer an online booking service for your tyre fitting, enabling you to stay on top of this critical aspect of maintenance. Thanks to our quick and easy tool, you can choose your preferred product and select a convenient fitting time all from the comfort of your sofa.

Simply enter your registration number to view the selection of tyres available, choose the ones you want and decide which fitting date and time is best for you. Finally, fill in your contact details and we’ll be in touch to confirm your order.

To find out more about the tyres we have available, contact our aftersales department on 01844 390560, or order online today for a swift and convenient fitting service.