How we can help you with your businesses vehicle or fleet maintenance needs

When you think of your vehicles and your garage service support...

Does your heart leap for joy or send your blood pressure through the roof?

Do these problems sound familiar to you?

  1. Your van or car is off the road without a replacement leading to loss of revenue for your business.
  2. You are receiving large bills and work carried out without your authorisation.
  3. No one ever talks to you about your vehicles and it's always you who has to phone up and find out whats happening. You feel like no one cares about your vehicles.
  4. You are receiving a poor quality of repair leading to return visits meaning more lost time and cost while your vehicles are off the road.
  5. There ia a general inflexibility in collection and delivery leading to people taking more time off work.
  6. Your current provider is unable to get jobs done in a working day leading to employees having to get lifts home.

If these problems sound familiar please read on....

At Thame Cars we have developed a package called Business Vehicle Support, BVS, which aims to take away the hastle of running your fleet.

OK so what do you get with BVS?

Our BVS package includes

  • Free delivery and collection within 10-mile radius. This is either for your driver our your vehicle.
  • First vehicle in the workshop to reduce down time. Getting the vehicle back to you quickly is our priority.
  • 50% off car and van hire whilst your vehicle is in with us - you'll never be without transport.
  • Reduced labour and parts rates.
  • Service plan options to allow you to spread the cost and make further savings.
  • MOT and service reminders, so one less thing for you to think about.
  • Free vehicle health and safety check.
  • Free laser wheel alignment check, we know tyre wear is a huge cost for business users so we don't want you spend out unnecessarily.
  • Free car wash and vac, we all like driving a clean car or van after all.
  • Single point of contact, you need to be able to speak to or email someone who knows about your vehicle and can give you a swift response.
  • Free WiFi and coffee if you need to wait, you or your employees can log on and work in our comfortable surroundings.

We’re here to keep your business moving and your life simple.

Call me, Scott Price Operartions Manager on 01844 390 560 to set up a no-obligation meeting. Either come in and see me and discover what happens at Thame Cars or I can come out to you.